Just a bit about me! 

After being in a car accident and losing my mom at 6 years old, the next years of life brought

about many challenges that left me struggling to find peace. I eventually became addicted to drugs

and had a low self-esteem that left me searching for more from life. 

I finally met Jesus at the age of 18. I was what God would call a"beautiful mess!" 


I liken myself to the Apostle Paul; I am a chief among sinners…but God!
My journey with Jesus has been a “perfect storm" where God has
received glory in many redemptive moments in my life. 

My marriage to my husband Lenny, has lasted for 33 years. (Most of those good.😜

Lenny is known as “the sweetest man alive” and he truly is. 

One of my greatest joys has been getting to love on these precious kids. 

Nick (his wife Cari), Jacob and our twin girls Courtney (her hubby Dylan) and Rebecca. 

Plus two beautiful grand babies...thanks Nick!

I have had the opportunity to learn from many people on my journey as I served in the US Army

reserves for 9 years, taught high school for 4 years and coached high school tennis for 13 years. 

As an ordained pastor and law enforcement chaplain, 

I have seen some of the darkest times people can walk through

as well as experienced some of life’s greatest joys. 

I have served in ministry for over 30 years and have loved every minute of it.

In my free time, (what's that?)  I love golfing, singing and laughing with friends and family.

I am humbled you would take time to read just a glimpse of my story.
I hope we can meet face to face soon so I can hear yours!